French Press Know-How For Every Coffee Lover


Are you a coffee addict? Does your morning start with a hot cup of coffee? If yes, you must have been searching the internet for ways to make yourself the perfect French press without going to a café for your daily doses of caffeine. Making a French press is inexpensive, and you do not need to be a barista to make a perfect French press. What makes it better is that there are several coffee makers available in the market dedicated to making a French press coffee. Sterling pro French press and Kona French press are great at making French press. They can brew 8 cups of coffee at once. One thing you should keep in mind while attempting to make a French press is that you need to have the right grinder, if you lack that, your coffee will lack that right taste and will instead taste bitter. Do not let a wrong choice of coffee grinder ruin your love for coffee.

What Grinder Should You Opt For?

It is best to opt for a burr grinder when making a French press because a blade grinder is not enough. Why not? If you are hoping to make coffee in a drip machine or any other way, then it is okay for you to use a blade grinder. French press needs the coffee beans to have a consistency in size and more or less big, and a burr grinder is perfect for that.

Do Not Let Your Coffee Sit In The French Press

After you are done making the perfect cuppa, pour the coffee in a coffee mug or a cup whichever you prefer, but do not make the mistake of letting it sit in the French press for far too long otherwise it tends to get bitter.